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Are you affected by Xenoestrogens?

Lesson 91: This Concerns Everyone (Part One)   Look and Feel Fabulous
with Brenda Eastwood
One of the biggest problems facing women, men and children today is the number of xenoestrogens that they are exposed to.


Xeno means foreign, so xenoestrogens mean foreign estrogens. This refers to environmental compounds that generally have very potent estrogen-like activity within your body, but they aren’t real estrogens.


These xenoestrogens come from pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, car exhaust, solvents and adhesives such as those found in nail polish, paint remover, and glues. Emulsifiers and waxes found in soaps and cosmetics. Nearly all plastics and dry cleaning chemicals are all sources of xenoestrogens. And this is the short list.


Obvio usly xenoestrogens can cause estrogen dominance which can exasperate or cause ALL the symptoms associated to menstruating and peri-menopause.

Xenoestrogens are stronger than a woman’s natural estrogen and so they will attach themselves to estrogen receptor sites so that the natural estrogen isn’t effective.  This can explain why some menopausal women try everything and still can’t eliminate the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.

We believe xenoestrogens are the reason more men are getting breast cancer and why our young girls are reaching puberty 2 years earlier now than they were just 10 years ago.  It could also explain the epidemic of endometriosis, infertility, miscarriages, PMS and increase in the incidence of breast cancer.


I am sure you would agree that we are bombarded with chemicals and toxins in our environment.  But you can’t live in a plastic bubble because even the plastic will give off xenoestrogens. You can’t control air pollution but you can significantly reduce your xenoestrogen exposure by controlling the pollution in your own home and what you put on your body.


Most people don’t realize just how much your skin absorbs and how well these molecules travel through your body.  If you are skeptical then ask yourself how do estrogen or nicotine patches work?

Still not convinced?  Try crushing a clove of garlic and putting it between your toes and see how many minutes it takes before you can taste the garlic in your mouth. Do that experiment and no further explanation is necessary.

Yes, your skin absorbs everything, so you must be careful of the products that you put on our skin.

Check our on-line store fo r 100% certified organic skin care (Miessence) and non-toxic products.  Here is a list of the personal skin care products that you will want to replace (if you haven’t done so already)

•    Toothpaste
•    Mouthwash
•    Shampoo and conditioner
•    Soaps
•    Body lotions
•    Perfume (we don’t have a substitute for this)
•    Face cleanser, conditioner and moisturizing cream
•    Hairspray or styling gel
•    Deodorant (our Miessence roll-on is guaranteed the best you will ever use)
•    Make up (we don’t carry this option for you, sorry)
•    Sunscreen


Even some of the most informed in the field of nutrition aren’t aware of the sheet and clothing factor.  You are in contact with your sheets for approx 8 hours a day and in contact with clothing the rest of the time.  That means what you wash and dry your sheets and clothing in is equally as important as what you apply to your skin.

Replace the Tide and Bounce, with non-toxic counterparts.


Plastics are on the top of the list of what to avoid if you want to reduce your exposure to xenoestrogens.

1. Never reheat or cook with plastic dishes or plastic wrap (one of the worst sources of xenoestrogens) in the microwave. If you are going to use a microwave (not recommended) it is much safer to use tempered glass or Corning Ware, etc.
2. Don’t use bottled water.  Buy stainless steel or BPA free water bottles and put your own filtered water in the bottle and take that with you.


Now you can clearly see just how many xenoestrogens we are exposed to right from birth. Most toddlers chew on soft plastic toys.  Well meaning mothers wash their children and then coat them with toxic “baby products”. They feed them foods sprayed with chemicals and serve up food that has been microwaved in a plastic dish.

Children are slathered with toxic sunscreen and after a day in the sun, they are put to bed on sheets that were washed with Tide and dried with Bounce.  And that is all before puberty!

Xenoestrogens are a concern to everyone!

Stay tuned for part two of “This Concerns Everyone”.

Yours in Total health,
Brenda and Megan

Copyright Brenda Eastwood 2011 –“CTH-91 This Concerns Everyone”
[email protected]

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