An Osteopathic colleague of Shari Brown (Owner – Rutland Physical Therapy) has been testing and providing Voxx Life products to patients and has seen some amazing results. The products use the science of neurohaptics to improve the sensory input to the central nervous system and improve function. There has been a tremendous amount of Neurological research into helping people with a range of chronic issues over the last few decades. The Voxx Life products are based on some of this research.

Shari has been testing some of the Voxx Life products and, based on the results, Rutland Physical Therapy will be offering these to our patients, if we can see a potential for improvement. You only need one of the HPT products to improve lateral stability, dynamic stability and joint range of motion. The main products are HPT socks and insoles, along with sleeves, shapewear and Joint Support.

There are also patches for improved sleep (REM patches) , Metabolic/hormone improvement (META)  and immune system (Neurovax). The Neurovax is said to be amazing for seasonal allergies and chronic sinusitis. There is an arm sleeve (Esmartr) for improved cognitive function and they are coming out with a pain patch soon, which we will access as soon as available.

Ask your RPT Practitioner if Voxx Socks, Insoles, Patches or other Neuro products may be of help for yourself. Products shown may be different then current offerings. There are many styles and colours available, depending on your needs and choices. Once you go to order page, you can easily see all products available by looking at left side of page.

We like the Voxx Life thinking, as it matches our own

“Wellness belongs to everyone, plain and simple. That means providing drug-free, noninvasive solutions that offer the same physical benefits as more traditional, OTC alternatives—sans all the side effects. It’s scientifically proven technology you can trust, with results you can feel.”

On your next visit to the clinic, ask us if any of these products may benefit yourself. We will keep a supply of some products here for you. If it’s not convenient to come in or product you need is not stocked, you can order directly. Just click button below or images above to get a 25% discount on your first order, which is set up for Rutland Physical Therapy clients.