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Rutland Physical Therapy is a Kelowna Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Manual Therapy Clinic.

Voxx Life Socks & More

An Osteopathic colleague of Shari Brown (Owner – Rutland Physical Therapy) has been testing and providing Voxx Life products to patients and has seen some amazing results. The products use the science of neurohaptics to improve the sensory input to the central nervous system and improve function. There has been a tremendous amount of Neurological research into helping people with a range of chronic issues over the last few decades. The Voxx Life products are based on some of this research.

Shari has been testing some of the Voxx Life products and, based on the results, Rutland Physical Therapy will be offering these to our patients, if we can see a potential for improvement.

Download the research info or order products. 25% savings on first on-line order.

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