Introduction to Pilates

Introduction to Pilates Find out how Pilates can help you meet your personal health and fitness objectives. Kelowna Pilates Studio will be offering a ten week introductory class at 5pm Tuesdays from February 16th through April 19th, 2016. You will learn the ABCs of the Pilates approach

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12 Foods to Help You Focus | The Chopra Center

Instead of reaching for that second cup of coffee, try one of these 12 nutrient-rich foods that can make you more alert. Staying focused in today’s world can be a challenge. Technology presents countless distractions. The constant ping from your smartphone—alerting you to the latest social media

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Life is Now Pain Care™ has released Pain Care Pro

In the spirit of the National Pain Awareness Week in Canada (Nov 01-07, 2015), Life is Now Pain Care™ has released Pain Care Pro – a chronic pain self-care curriculum. Based upon a published Model of Recovery, and describing an effective 6-month Pain Management System, the over

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Ortho-Bionomy Retreat