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Life is Now Pain Care™ has released Pain Care Pro

Pain Care Pro logoIn the spirit of the National Pain Awareness Week in Canada (Nov 01-07, 2015), Life is Now Pain Care™ has released Pain Care Pro – a chronic pain self-care curriculum. Based upon a published Model of Recovery, and describing an effective 6-month Pain Management System, the over 65 lessons within Pain Care Pro’s curriculum also intend to support the important work of physical therapists, doctors and other health professionals serving people with this complex often unrelenting problem. Pain Care Pro can be accessed Worldwide through the website.

People in pain need more resources, and more guidance, even beyond what is possible in the best clinical visits. Life is Now Pain Care™ provides this – through our Open Access resources, our pain care products and the Pain Care Pro memberships.

People in pain need answers. They know they are supposed to stay active, yet rarely hear an answer to this question: “How am I supposed to be more active, when it hurts so badly when I move?!”.

Pain Care Pro provides clinically tested answers, developed on sound scientific research, neuroplasticity, and the benefits of mindful movement practices such as yoga. Even people with complex pain issues can follow the guidelines for recovering ease of movement, in the face of ongoing pain. The Pain Care Pro system guides participants through understanding their pain, becoming aware of what is safe movement, and then integrating awareness and self-regulation techniques into daily activities, exercises and life.

“This is very exciting to see come to fruition. The ability to access a published, evidence-informed medical approach to chronic pain management that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world is going to help hundreds of thousands of people” says Mr. Calum Hughes, Chief Operating Officer of Life is Now Pain Care™.

In addition to being used as a self-help system for people in pain, Life is Now Pain Care™ is intended to support the work of busy health professionals. Health Care Professionals are aware that education requires repetition, home exercise/activity programs require ongoing guidance, and the best long-term pain management results come from consistent practice of pain self-care. Health Care Professionals are prescribing the Life is Now Pain Care™ resources to help people help themselves, as an adjunct to other interventions.

Individuals can choose the membership that is right for them. Pain Care Pro memberships are available for one, four, six and twelve months. We believe the six-month option will provide the time required for long-lasting changes to persist, and as such recommend this option as the best value.

When pain persists, even when it is intense, there is hope. Research shows that knowledge of pain science is powerful, and that many people can benefit from mindfulness, yoga and effective goal setting techniques. Pain Care Pro integrates all of this in user-friendly language, with practical tools to turn hope into a reality.

“This is just one more way that we are fulfilling our vision of helping people in pain, and their health professionals, with a low-cost, evidence-informed approach to chronic pain management” says Mr. Neil Pearson, Director/Physical Therapist.

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