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Please call clinic to book appointments for any Osteo, WCB, ICBC or MSP.

Rutland Physical Therapy is a Kelowna Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Manual Therapy Clinic.

Five Secrets To Stopping Osteoporosis

Five Secrets To Stopping Osteoporosis #1.    Dairy Does NOT Make Your Bones Strong It is true that milk (and other dairy) is loaded with calcium but is also exceptionally low in magnesium.  “Calcium is the sheep and magnesium is the shepherd”. Without magnesium calcium doesn’t know where to go. When you have more calcium than […]

One Osteoporosis Risk Factor You Are Never Warned About

Have you ever heard that antacids can actually CAUSE osteoporosis? While most medical professionals are promoting antacids like tums as a source of calcium for building your bones, this newsletter will explain to you why ALL antacids are actually “breaking your bones”. I will also share valuable information on the difference between heartburn and acid […]