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Rutland Physical Therapy is a Kelowna Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Manual Therapy Clinic.

Five Secrets To Stopping Osteoporosis

Five Secrets To Stopping Osteoporosis #1.    Dairy Does NOT Make Your Bones Strong It is true that milk (and other dairy) is loaded with calcium but is also exceptionally low in magnesium.  “Calcium is the sheep and magnesium is the shepherd”. Without magnesium calcium doesn’t know where to go. When you have more calcium than […]

Women of ANY age will benefit from this information!

Women of ANY age will benefit from this information! Before proceeding, have you been doing the First 3 Critical Steps? Create your adrenal rejuvenation regime. Reduce your adrenal stress by creating sugar free days. Reduce your adrenal stress by reducing caffeine consumption. At this point, your hot flashes may be starting to improve (or they […]

The Sleep Mineral

The Sleep Mineral ARE YOU READY? You might find the answer(s) to your sleep issues immediately or it may take a few tries. There is some detective work required on your part to discover the root cause(s).  But with commitment and dedication plus the willingness to make some lifestyle changes as well as taking some […]

Magnesium and Sudden Death

Every year about 600,000 North Americans die from a sudden cardiac event. Half of these people have never been diagnosed with heart disease. So U.S. researchers tracked 88,000 women for 26 years to see if their magnesium intake was linked to their death. Researchers discovered that those consuming the most magnesium (more than 345 milligrams […]