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1. Nutrients

The liver stores vitamins, minerals and sugar and then converts them into usable nutrients that are delivered to the cells throughout your body.

If your liver stops functioning at full capacity, and some nutrients do not get converted and distributed properly, then a multitude of health problems associated with nutritional deficiencies can result.

2. Hormone Balance

The liver breaks down hormones after they have served their messenger function to their target cells. For example, if the liver does not metabolize estrogen properly, estrogen dominance can result.

Women suffering with estrogen dominance can experience PMS and Perimenopausal symptoms such as unjustified weight gain, mood swings, sore or swollen breasts, fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, fibroids, heavy periods, and many more.  For a full list of estrogen dominance symptoms, please download your free copy at under book/free downloads.

When a woman goes through menopause, the estrogen production from the ovaries is dramatically reduced and it is primarily up to the adrenal glands to produce the back-up supply. However, a healthy liver can also produce small amounts of estriol (one form of estrogen) which goes a long way in helping eliminate any menopausal symptoms.

3. Fat Control (Weight and Cholesterol)

Your liver is largely responsible for whether you store fat or burn fat and that includes the fat on your body (predominately your belly) and the fat in your blood.

Your liver is in charge of making cholesterol when you need it and disposing of it when you have too much.  Excess cholesterol will be converted by the liver (with the help of vitamin C) into bile to be eliminated via your colon.



  1. Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals
  • Use certified organic skin care products (try our non-toxic skin care products available in our online store at
  • Swap out high chemical cleaning products for low and non-toxic cleaning products. The big culprits are petroleum based dish soap, laundry detergents and fabric softeners including Bounce sheets.
  • Don’t microwave food in plastic containers.
  • Instead of plastic water bottles, use stainless steel, glass or BPA-free reusable plastic bottles.
  • When exposed to airborne chemicals, make certain you have good ventilation, use a mask, cover your skin, and wash off any chemicals you get on your skin with organic soap and water as soon as possible.
  1. Light Cleansing

Fresh lemon juice in room temperature or warm water, first thing in the morning, will help gently cleanse the liver.

  1. Nutrient Repair

B complex Vitamins are essential for healthy metabolic functioning. Working individually and synergistically, they facilitate energy release and the manufacture of new cells. Choline (one of the B vitamins) helps reduce the amount of fat deposited in the liver.

Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate) protects the liver.  Even doses as low as 500 milligrams daily helps prevent fatty buildup and cirrhosis (much more serious diseases than “liver dysfunction”). 5,000 mg of vitamin C per day appears to actually flush fats from the liver.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is the richest source of organic sulfur available. It must be present in the body for it to make its own powerful antioxidant, Glutathione, which is extremely important for detoxifying the liver.

Omega 3 helps the liver to reduce the inflammation of its cells which aids in its healing process.

Green Tea protects the liver from the negative effects of toxic substances such as alcohol.  Green tea’s catechins are helpful in reducing liver inflammation. Green tea helps to cleanse the liver.  Although your liver doesn’t NEED this, you can see why it is very beneficial.


Brenda Eastwood is a holistic health expert who specializes in Women’s Health Issues. Her expertise stems from over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner. This includes ongoing research, 17 years running a successful private practice, presenting hundreds of seminars and workshops, as well as coaching clients through her unique on-line Inner Circle program. For more information on Brenda Eastwood and the Inner Circle program please visit or for information on her Total Health Packs visit 


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