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Sub-clinical Low Thyroid

Lesson 93: Sub-clinical Low Thyroid Look and Feel Fabulous
with Brenda Eastwood


Our definition for this term is as follows: when the body has symptoms of hypothyroidism but the blood tests do not confirm this condition.

It is common to start noticing sub-clinical hypothyroidism symptoms after a tonsillectomy (the tonsils are close to the thyroid).

Julia Ross, in her book The Mood Cure, notes that “the start of menstruation, menopause, or a pregnancy is perhaps the most common trigger in women, but the incidence of thyroid problems among women doubles after menopause and up to 30 percent of women with PMS have some kind of thyroid problem.”

Megan and I have observed that many women in the peri-menopausal phase of life (due to extreme estrogen dominance-explained in CTH 87) develop a sub-clinical hypothyroidism condi tion.


When the clients that we suspect of having sub-clinical hypothyroidism follow the correct supplementation and lifestyle modifications for this condition, we see a very slow but steady improvement in symptoms.


Since thyroid function strongly influences your
•    Metabolism
•    Energy
•    Moods
•    Sleep patterns
•    Bowel function
•    Sex drive
•    Clarity of mind
•    Skin

It is essential that you become aware of this condition.


It is important for everyone to be aware, but especially menopausal women as many of the symptoms thought to be caused by menopause are actually thyroid related including severe and/or frequent hot flashes and night sweats.


Print this lesson and put an x beside every symptom that you currently have.

___Muscles stiff in morning, feel need to limber up**
___Feel creaky after sitting still for periods of time**
___Heart sometimes seems to miss beats or turn “flip-flops”
___These symptoms worse at night: coughing, hoarseness, muscle cramps
___Dizzy or nauseated in morning
___Low energy, fatigue, lethargy, need lots of sleep (more than eight hours), trouble
getting up and going in the morning.
___Motion sickness when traveling, dizzy when changing up and down positions
___Tendency to feel cold, particularly in hands and feet
___Hair scanty, dry, brittle, lus terless
___Dry skin
___Sleeplessness, restlessness
___Bowel movements usually less than one daily
___Diminished sex drive
___Gain weight easily, fail to lose on diets
___Poor concentration or memory, mental sluggishness
___Clogged sinuses
___Large lower lip
___Low blood pressure/Low pulse rate
___Chronic low body temperature, especially at complete bed rest**
___Recurrent infections
___Menstrual problems including excessive bleeding, severe cramping, irregular
periods, severe PMS, scantly flow; early or late onset of first period (before 12 or
after 14 years old); premenopausal cessation of menstruation
___Depression (including postpartum or after the start of menstruation or menopause)
___Headaches (including migraines)
___Family history of thyroid problems
___Weight gain began when you got your period, had a miscarriage or an abortion, gave
birth, began menopause, or worsened after low-calorie dieting.**
___Chubby or overweight since childhood**
___Hoarseness, gravelly voice
___Swollen eyelids and face, general water retention
___Thinning or loss of outside eyebrow hair**
___High cholesterol
___Lump in throat, trouble swallowing pills
___Slow body movement or speech

If you have 8 x’s or more, especially if you have at least one of the symptoms marked with a double asterisk (**), you should consider following the protocol for thyroid support in upcoming CTH-95.

Yours in Total health,
Brenda and Megan

Copyright Brenda Eastwood 2011 –“CTH-93 Subclinical Low Thyroid” www.Tot
[email protected]

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