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Studio Reopening


We miss you!  So we are happy to tell you that we are reopening our doors Monday, June 22.

As you can imagine we have a lot of information we need to share with you before then.

First and most importantly, please read the letter from Shari regarding the clinic and studio reopening and future operations.

Once you have done that  please review the following information regarding the logistics of reopening. A copy of the protocols we will be observing to ensure that we are meeting the provincial requirements for our services is attached.

We would like to use the time we have left with you to help you get back into a regular updated regime and  to give you time to find and transition to new options (for example, developing a home routine which we can review and update through regular consultations/private sessions either at the clinic or through private or semi-private sessions in our home studios, or a new studio that we could recommend in your area).

To meet the current social distancing and hygienic requirements all group classes will be limited to three participants. You will see some changes – we have reorganized the equipment to  help you maintain a social distance as you move around the studio.

There will be a half hour between each class to give the instructors time to thoroughly clean the studio before the next session – this means a new schedule for class start times. See below for schedule

If you decide to come back, there are a number of options which you can consider:

  1. Return to group classes with some adjustment in the time as noted above. You  would use up whatever number of classes you have left on your current package, and can then purchase individual classes until the studio closes.
  2. If you are not comfortable coming back to group classes, you can use your current package towards private or semi-private classes for the next couple of months.
  3. While the studio will be closed at the end of August, the clinic will continue to offer the option of privates in the former yoga room upstairs. These privates could be combined with a home routine which the instructors would provide for you and  then review/update regularly through a private session/consultation.

If you decide not to return, you may use any remaining money on your classes towards other clinic services (Physiotherapy, Physio by Telehealth (virtual), Massage Therapy, Osteopathy or Ortho Bionomy) or you may receive a refund for any unused portion.

To take the next steps we need to get your response to the following:

  1. Will you be returning to the studio?
  2. Are you comfortable with group classes, or would you prefer to take private or semi-private classes?
  3. If you are continuing with group classes, please consider if adjusted start times will work for you (these will be close to the times and days you were coming but  a bit later to allow the extra time between sessions), and let me know if there any times that just do not work.
  4. If you are not comfortable with group classes, and would like to take some privates or semi-privates, please let me know so these can be scheduled as well.

It has been a long three months and there are many new requirements and considerations. We hope you choose to come back even though it will not be for long. We want the chance to reconnect, and help you transition to the best possible arrangement for you.

Pilates from Kelowna Pilates is a body awareness exercise method that is based in both eastern and western movement philosophies, combining mind/body connection, breathing techniques, spinal alignment, movement ease, flexibility and core centered strength.  Pilates can be used for rehabilitation purposes as well as conditioning for athletes.  At our studio we offer private sessions and individualized programs and classes as well as specialized classes.

To get started, you will need to take a series of 6 to 8 private lessons (or semi-private lessons if you know someone else who wants to join you) to assess your needs and goals and prepare for an individualized personal program. From there you are ready to start working in a class setting. The classes are small, 4 to 5 people, and monitored to ensure the exercises are done correctly and to continually advance your program.  We will be offering other led and specialized classes occasionally as well.  Feel free to call or check the website for availability.

Summer 2020 Schedule

NOTE: While many classes may appear to be full (four regular participants), spots are often available for make-up or additional classes – check with the instructor for the class.

Classes that are not noted as full may have room for more clients – contact your instructor if you are interested in any of these times.

Pilates Summer Schedule 2020 v2


Peggy Oud

Peggy Oud photoPeggy Oud began her own Pilates program during rehabilitation after a car accident in 1998.   After completing her BCRPA and Stott Intensive Training, Peggy began teaching at Rutland Physical Therapy / Kelowna Pilates Studio in 2001. By 2002 she had completed Mat & Reformer teaching certification and continued on to get full training on all Pilates apparatus.  She has been a member of the Canadian Pilates Association of Canada since 2002 and has upgraded with many extra courses including ‘Rehab Though Pilates’ with Colleen Jorgensen (Osteopath),  and ‘Anatomy Trains’, with Thomas Myers.

In 2007 Peggy began to study Ortho-Bionomy, which is osteopathic based, gentle bodywork that helps bring the body back to its natural position and health, she is now an Advanced Practitioner and continues to upgrade her education of the body through studying Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.

Janet Watson

Janet Watson started her career as a professional musician and piano teacher, and after discovering the benefits of Pilates for her own body, became a Stott certified practitioner in 2007.  Her particular areas of interest are Gentle Pilates (for clients with physical limitations) and Osteo Pilates (which allows clients to strengthen and stabilize without compromising the spine).

Stott Pilates certified instructor, Mat | Reformer | Cadillac | Chair | Barrels | Therapeutic Pilates

Danette Christophe


Danette Christophe graduated from Physical Therapy in 1993 from the University of Saskatchewan.  She began her career in a multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic in Calgary, where she worked with athletes in the clinic as well as on the field.  Upon moving to the Okanagan in 1995 she continued her post graduate training in sports and manual therapy, and in 1999 she completed her residency exams in manual therapy.

After taking some time to start her family she returned to physical therapy and trained as a Stott Pilates instructor.  Danette also uses the real time ultrasound to help her clients isolate core muscles.  Her focus is now using her knowledge of  anatomy, pathology and normal mechanics to help clients with movement dysfunctions learn how to use their muscles to stabilize and move more effectively and efficiently, in order to achieve their goals.

Outside the clinic Danette is busy with her family and enjoys camping, cycling, hiking, skiing, and volunteering in her community

Betty Jeffers

Betty LI 02

Betty Jeffers  is a long-time passionate advocate about the benefits of Pilates, and is a Pilates Process certified instructor (mat and reformer). She started her personal journey with Pilates in 2000 and remains amazed at how much  the Pilates approach to exercise has to offer,  from rehabilitative work to cross-training and beyond, providing the opportunity for all individuals to enhance their health through improved  mobility, strength and stability.


Judy Long


When Judy discovered Pilates she was impressed how it can bring someone back into a balanced body and health. Judy believes that having a healthy body begins with performing exercises that increase strength and flexibility. Two very effective forms of exercise to achieve this are Pilates and Yoga.

Judy is a Certified Instructor with Pilates Process. She has completed her Mat and Reformer and continues to get training on all Pilates’ equipment.

After completing her Bachelor of Science degree Judy studied Yoga. She has been teaching Yoga for over 12 years to people of all ages and abilities. She saw the many benefits her students received from her classes so extended her training to include Yoga Therapy and is a certified member of International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has training in Self Regulation Therapy, is a certified fitness trainer with BRCPA, and is an associate Ortho-Bionomy practitioner.

Judy’s class stimulates physical, mental and emotional awareness while bringing the body back into balance and maintaining health.

Trish Disero

Trish was drawn to Pilates as an alternative to the gym and was amazed at how much her posture and flexibility improved.

Fascinated by the results of Pilates practice, she delved into courses in anatomy, movement, and Pilates, obtaining Mat and Equipment certifications with Pilates Process. Trish has also completed various workshops to bring up-to-date knowledge and variety to her classes and private clients.

This form of exercising in proper alignment brought benefits that carried over to her everyday activities. Trish’s goal as a teacher is to help bring that awareness to her clients and assist them in achieving increased health and greater mobility.

Deborah Ward

DebraDeborah Ward is the Instructor Trainer and Director of the Western Canada Branch of the PILATES PROCESS method.

Deborah is well known in the dance community having taught many years throughout British Columbia. She is a Fellow/Examiner of the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance and for over 30 years adjudicated throughout North America, Scotland and Australia.

Looking for a cross training method of rebalancing overused muscles, Deborah began her studies in Pilates, certifying first in the Mat component with POLESTAR PILATES. Two years later she traveled to Toronto to train with equipment. Deborah completed FULL certification including Injuries & Special Populations with STOTT PILATES.

For more information please e-mail info@kelownapilates.com
or visit www.kelownapilates.com

Sean Ling-Allen

Sean’ first introduction to Pilates was for recovery from a ruptured Achilles tendon.  In 2001 he became an instructor working with Laura Helsel and her company, then Riverdale Pilates, now Pilates Process.  He is an instructor trainer for the Pilates Process on all Pilates equipment and a Franklin Method Level 1 instructor.

Having had a dance career for 25 years, movement and movement patterns have always been a point of interest and passion for Sean.  He specializes in using Pilates as a tool for students and clients to achieve the most efficient and easy movement experience.  This can be in a strength building situation or in a rehabilitative one or, as is often the case, both.

Sean and his family moved to Vernon in 2015, where they live on and run Curlew Orchard, an organic apple orchard.