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OASIS Arthritis Webinar Series

Here are two free webinars from The Arthritis Society

1. Nutrition & Supplements / Weight Control, Wed Oct 5th

Taught by: Arlaina Waisman, Registered Dietitian
•    How does diet affect osteoarthritis?
•    How do I navigate Canada’s Food Guide?
•    Are there any nutrients that can help?
•    Are there any supplements that can help?
•    How does weight affect osteoarthritis?
•    How can I improve my eating habits?
•    How do I manage portion size?

2. Pain Management, Tues Oct 11th

Taught by: Susan Johnston, Registered Nurse
•    Why does pain happen?
•    What makes pain worse?
•    How can I manage a flare up?
•    What strategies can I use to deal with my chronic pain?

 Both programs run from 4:30pm to 6pm.

To register for one or both FREE webinars please call toll-free 1.866.414.7766
or click here.

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