Covid-19 Protocol – Downstairs


The following protocol is compiled from the guidelines of CPTBC, OBC and WorkSafe BC:

For your reassurance:

  • Staff and therapists will be screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms, temperature will only be taken if the person has seasonal allergies that mimic COVID-19 and a fever needs to be ruled out
  • Patients will be pre-screened for COVID-19 over the phone before booking an appointment
  • If in-person treatment is not recommended, then a virtual appointment will be offered
  • The therapist will do a thorough sanitization of the treatment room before calling their next patient from the hallway. All bed linen, pillowcases and gowns will be laundered in hot water. All treatment room surfaces including the vinyl pillowcases will be wiped down with approved disinfectant
  • All therapists will put on clean scrubs and designated shoes once they arrive at the clinic at the start of their day and will remove the scrubs and shoes before leaving for home. Scrubs will be laundered after each day.

Some requests from us:

  • Patients will try to limit washroom use by using the washroom before leaving home
  • Patients are asked to refrain from bringing extra people to the appointment unless they are essential helpers

What to expect on your visit:

  • Patients will wait outside until their treatment time and will be told which door to use depending on which therapist they are seeing
  • There will be chairs in the alcove by the front doors for patients to wait until their therapist comes to get them. Patients are asked to maintain physical distancing while in the building
  • On entering the treatment area, the patient will stop at the sanitization station to sanitize hands and put on their mask or use one provided
  • The therapist will have the patient do a COVID-19 questionnaire and consent before treatment starts
  • The therapist will wear appropriate PPE throughout the treatment session and thoroughly wash hands and arms between each interaction

Payments and Appointments:

  • Most payments will be made over the phone, by e-transfer ( or PayPal to minimize foot traffic at the front desk
  • Future appointments can be made by phone, email or text